Polynesian Outrigger

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Polynesian navigation was used for thousands of years to enable long voyages across thousands of kilometres of the Pacific Ocean

Polynesians made contact with nearly every island within the Polynesian Triangle, using outrigger canoes or double-hulled canoes. The double-hulled canoes were two large hulls, equal in length, and lashed side by side. The space between the paralleled canoes allowed for storage of food, hunting materials, and nets when embarking on long voyages.

 Polynesian navigators used techniques such as the navigation by the stars, and observations of birds, ocean swells, and wind patterns, and relied on a large body of knowledge from oral tradition.


A great resource for your tamariki to explore their pacific heritage and use in cultural,imaginary and open-ended play.


Made from untreated pine and finished with plant based wood oil this measures 35cm long x 15cm wide x 4cm high 

Please allow 1-2 weeks as this is made to order