Mini Busy Board

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Handmade pine busy board, made in New Zealand from a range of fixtures including plastic, zinc plated and wooden resources.


Some benefits of Bizz-e Boards are as follows:

Bizz-e Boards enhance a wide range of development skills for children including:

Enhancing children's counting and number recognition skills

Strengthening finger, hand and arm muscles

Improving and developing children's fine motor and hand to eye co-ordination

Enhancing cognitive skills including shape recognition and developing their memory

Teaching children how to problem solve and challenging them

Using critical thinking skills, and teaching perseverance

Encourages imaginary play and provides children with a wide range of opportunities to develop these skills using everyday household objects

Boosting children's confidence and self esteem through achievement

 Meets all Toy Safety Standards

Suitable for children 18months+


Measures 40cm long x 30cm high