Let It Go

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AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR: Rebekah Lipp & Craig Phillips

Let It Go encourages children to explore what emotions feel like in their body and find a unique way to release them. Join Aroha and her friends as they navigate their way through four emotions: sadness, anger, shame and fear.
The Latin derivative for the word emotion, ‘emotere,'  literally means energy in motion. 

Following on from the huge success of 'Aroha's Way', Aroha and her friends are again showing children they are not alone in feeling uncomfortable emotions and empowering them with strategies to manage those feelings when they arise.
In the back of the book, we have extra notes in the hope that it will again open up conversations between adults and children.   Learning to label emotions, recognise how they feel in the body and ways we can allow those emotions to be let go are all valuable tools for our tamariki.

DIMENSIONS: Landscape 210 x 225mm
BIND: Paperback

"This book is great for addressing the roller coaster of emotions we humans feel in our life times, especially if you have children that find it hard recognising what they are feeling and how to express them in a healthier positive way. This book promotes and engages healthy conversations with your child."
- Customer review - Kathryn