Double Sided Alphabet Tracing Board

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Our double sided Alphabet and Tracing Board is made from untreated pine and finished with plant based oil.

A great resource for 4-5 year olds getting ready for school. 

Children will learn to recognise the upper and lower case alphabet, learn the letters of their name, practice their fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination, learn sequencing and order, pencil grip and develop muscle memory for writing. 

Building children's confidence and cognitive skills while learning Engish writing fundamentals at a slow and deliberate pace.

The other side is shape designs and allows children to explore and recognise shapes, using their fingers, the tracing stick and you can encourage creativity by exploring this with a wide range of natural materials including seeds, lentils glitter, felt pom poms, marbles or other resources you desire.

Comes with 2 wooden tracing sticks.


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