Benefits of Busy Boards for children

It all started in January 2017, when my then one year old son wanted to play with everything he "wasn't allowed." The t.v remote, light switch, door knob, calculator, pretty much anything he could get his hands on.

As a mum it felt extremely negative having to say no, I wanted to be able to say yes.

I stumbled across an article of a dad overseas who had created a DIY Busy Board for his young son. A light bulb went off in my head, and the next thing I was rummaging through my mums old dusty box of bits and bobs from the garage creating my own busy board for my son. 




To my amazement, my son absolutely loved his new busy board, it created hours of fun, kept him engaged and most of all he was learning while interacting with it. 

From then it was 9 months spent designing, prototyping, trialling in daycares and gaining feedback to create New Zealand's First Two sided Busy board which have gone into homes and Early Childhood Centre's around New Zealand with great feedback. 



So why and how will a busy board benefit my child?

Busy boards give children the opportunity to explore every day household items in a fun, educational way.

It can be used as an interactive tool for the whole family, enabling parents to be hands-on with your child's learning.

Enhances a wide range of development skills including counting and number recognition skills, fine motor and hand to eye co-ordination and teaching children how to problem solve.

Boosts your child's confidence and self esteem through achievement.

Encourages imaginary play and provides children with a wide range of opportunities to develop these skills.

Keeps children engaged, educated and happy while giving parents 5 minutes of peace to put your feet up, cook dinner or read a book.

Designed by a mum, with your child's mind in mind.

Durable, stylish, high quality, non toxic and handmade in New Zealand to meet all Toy Safety Standards, you can be assured your child's safety comes first and it will last your children for years to come.