Balancing Animals- Natural Dinosaurs

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Hand made from farm forested timber, these fun puzzles will challenge your skills, dexterity and patience as you try and balance them.  It's simply a matter of holding your tongue in the right place! Each set comes attractively gift boxed,  with full instructions and a challenging configuration card showing about 20 of the literally 100's of possible ways of balancing each set, and for even more fun sets can be combined so you can make towers reaching the sky!  In fact we've balanced over 20 Dinosaurs together (actually they were hanging off a shelf) and we've received photos from enthusiasts who've balanced more!


  • A fun game of skill for creative minds
  • For children and adults
  • Hundreds of Balancing possibilities
  • Sets combine for more fun
  • A great educational game
  • Hand made from a single block of timber.

  •  Balancing Animals are a fun game of skill for both children and adults.  Different age groups will use them in different ways.  Young children may just stack them one on the other, or play with the animals separately.  Older children will be able to recognise the different shapes and do the configurations.  As play develops they will try their own configurations and look for praise from adults for their accomplishments.
  •  Balancing Animals are fun to balance while teaching and improving hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, patience and perseverance, shape recognition, plan reading, minor motor skills, colour recognition as well as giving an enjoyable tactile experience.

  • Children will learn about the physics of gravity, leverage, fulcrums,  friction etc as well as experiencing the tactile benefits of touching and playing with timber.
  • Adults will usually try to do all the configurations, and then develop their own.  In group play they may race to see who can balance the set the quickest, or who can build the highest tower or the widest stack.  Challenges of building on top of the smallest animal or using each animal as a starting point will ensue.