Tī Rākau

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Tī Rākau are a traditional Māori stick game

How to play:

Create a rhythm by tapping the end of your tī rakau on the ground or tapping your tī rakau together.

Face a partner and try tapping your tī rakau at the same time as your partner.

Try throwing your tī rakau diagonally to your partner and getting them to do the same at the same time. 

Can be used in group settings and individually by tamariki

A fun traditional game to play with your tamariki.

Available in two Taniko patterns Pātiki and Nguru

Pātiki or pātikitiki is based on the lozenge or diamond shape of the flounder fish. This symbolises favourable times, generousity and abundant hospitality.

Ngaru The ngaru represents the ocean waves - the cutting of the waves as the waka travelled. Māori origin narratives explain the arrival of Māori to Aotearoa on waka (canoes).

Please note you are purchasing one set of Rākau. 

Handmade in Ruakākā from beech wood and finished with New Zealand made Taniko design.

As these are made to order please allow 10-12 days to receive your Tī Rākau