Sample Set of 5 Māori Playdough stampers in wood

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Wooden Playdough Stampers

Set of 5 comes in Mangōpare Set or Hei Tiki


Mangōpare set featuring the Mangōpare (Hammerhead), Hei Matau (Fish hook), Pikorua (Double and Triple Twist) and Tohorā (Whale Tail)

Hei Tiki set featuring the Hei Tiki (An image carved in human form usually worn around the neck),
 Koru (Ground fern), Moana (Open body of water-an ocean or sea) and Pikorua (Single Twist)
Let your Tamariki explore our latest range of Te reo themed playdough Stampers.
Perfect for those rainy days inside.
Comes with a double sided laminated PDF that explains each individual Te reo symbol in meaning, which encourages the educational side for your tamariki. The other side has a homemade playdough recipe.
Each set of 5 come in a hessian bag.

Please Note as these are samples there may be subtle faults eg slight edging of glue around product/slight imperfections in colour or tone
Unfortunately these were not up to standard to bring them to market, but watch this space I am still working on bringing these to life.

Limited stock avaliable