Māori Fridge Magnets

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Māori Fridge Magnets

A beautiful addition to any Fridge or tamariki whiteboard.

Come in a set of 5, choose from the Mangōpare set or the Hei Tiki set

Mangōpare set featuring the Mangōpare (Hammerhead), Hei Matau (Fish hook), Pikorua (Double and Triple Twist) and Tohorā (Whale Tail)

Hei Tiki set featuring the Hei Tiki (An image carved in human form usually worn around the neck), Koru (Ground fern), Moana (Open body of water-an ocean or sea) and Pikorua (Single Twist)

Blessed and approved by a trusted Kaiako of a local Northland Kohanga reo, designed in Ruakākā and handmade in New Zealand

Handcrafted to order with a 10-12 day lead time.